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Friday, June 25, 2010


Not the usual food stop for the likes of me, but when a friend took me to eat, this was the place and I have to say, it was fun food.  I tried the gyro and it was delicious!  It's definitely something I would order again!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Petit Chat Village Bakery

This cute little neighborhood bakery is on Waikiki (N. Wall) in Spokane.  I stopped in recently with a friend so she could buy a loaf of bread to take to a function she was going to.  We ended up having a bite to eat there because they had a luncheon menu.  I had the feta basil and tomato croissant, my friend ordered the ham and cheese croissant.  "Mmmmmm," we said to each other as we ate our little lunch.  The food was good!

My friend absolutely loved this bakery.  She declared that she would make this the destination of her neighborhood walks from now on.  I thought, "What a deal... walk two miles and eat a pastry afterwards!"  I saw her a week later and she reported that the bread she bought and took to a dinner party, (a herb and cheese variety,) was “fantastic!”

Just look at all these breads they have for sale!

Petit Chat... is located at 9910 North Waikiki Road, phone: (509) 468-2720.  If you are interested in going for lunch, you can call ahead to check on the soup of the day!

Besides bread and soup and sandwiches for lunch, they have pastries for sale in the small eat-in area where you can sit and enjoy your fare…be it a sticky bun,
or ├ęclair!

I am confident that once one is bitten by the bakery-fresh bug, one will happily make the trip here to get your favorite fresh bread.  I have heard however, that one can find Petite Chat Village Bakery products "on the shelf" at Huckleberry's on the South Hill.  They have also been purchased at one of Spokane's local farmer's market and of course, they can be found fresh-baked, right here behind the counter at this wonderful, little “north side” bakery store.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thai Grill

Thai Grill is located in a little shopping center on south Argonne.  The address is 101 North Argonne Road
(Spokane Valley,)We have always wanted to try this spot when we drive by, and finally, we did!

We ordered the spring roll appetizers... chicken, (it has veggies too!) and Thai tea.  Please note that Vietnamese Spring rolls are not the same as Thai Spring rolls....  Thai Spring Rolls are more like Egg rolls only they are really rolled up.. and deep fried.  (Veitnamese Spring Rolls are very different and sometimes even I have been confused... but I am learning!)

We then ordered Tom Ka Gai and Mussaman Curry, which came with rice.... and we ordered it at heat level 4.  It wa just right.... well, actually, just " maybe" just a little spicy, but we like it that way.
It was very good!
We had to visit again...

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Little Garden Cafe

The Little Garden Cafe is located on Northwest Blvd near Audubon Park.  It's another one of those quaint little coffee shops with a neighborhood feel.  I had the opportunity to attend a party there and I found it to be quite enchanting.

They have quite a lot of tasty treats.  We had scones and bagels with cream cheese, coffee, lemonade and tea.  The Blueberry scones were incredible!

Besides an upright piano for budding and virtuoso artists, and plenty of room for a party, they also have a special area for kids to be comfortable in.  What nice touches, in my opinion... and I especially appreciate that they are geared towards making kids welcome.... complete with a lily pad table and chairs, just their size.

  There are also some fun hands made crafty things for sale in the foyer.  They  have things like knitted hats, earrings, hair bows and ribbons, stuff like that; and they have good coffee too.

What a fun place to get some special refreshments, followed by a walk or playtime in the park.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Corner Door Fountain and Books

How may times ca one pass an ice ream advertisement without stopping?  Apparently quite a few, specially when in passing one is always on the way to somewhere, or not necessarily needing ICE CREAM.

After passing by the ad for $1.00 ice cream cones, more times than I can remember, I decided to make this little ice cream place my destination.  It is called The Corner Door, and it is an ice cream eatery and bookshop locates on Argonne St., downtown Millwood.  It is seriously, now, one of my all-time favorite ice cream stores.

I loved the historic area of Millwood too.  In the summer times, on Wednesdays from 3-7 PM, the little town of Millwood hosts "farmers markets" where you can purchase fresh produce from growers.  That is really the only other time I have visited Millwood.  Alot of the shops there that used to stand vacant are now occupied and Millwood is really quite the nostalgic... historic... maybe "quaint,"  little place.

The Corner Door as a business has been open  here at 3301 N. Arrgone eighteen years, and they participate in the local Millwood farmer's market as well as operate this store.  It keeps them quite busy.

Here is the door, on the corner, just as advetised.

Inside there  is much more than ice cream. They also serve soup and sandwiches, coffee tea and salads...

But wait!

There is more.....

I am guessing there are over a thousand treasures to be found in this shop!  They sell books of all kinds and wonderful puppets, and even some handmade crafts.  There are paintings for sale, a fun selection of Spokane History materials, if you are a history buff,  fantasy books and  folk and Renaissance music on CD too.  It is quite a lovely and colorful menagerie.... perfect for something fun to do with a special person in your life.

Be warned though, it is a little cramped for seating if you have a large party.... and certainly you do not want to get your ice cream on the books.... but you can take a cone "to go" and eat it at the park.  It is very cool if you enjoy this sort of thing.

The ice cream was the best part.... wonderfully good ice cream... I had Huckleberry, a fantastic treat for a buck!  They make malts and shakes and bagels and muffins and Italian sodas...( Cremosa) too!

Just look at the happy kids!