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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Little Garden Cafe

The Little Garden Cafe is located on Northwest Blvd near Audubon Park.  It's another one of those quaint little coffee shops with a neighborhood feel.  I had the opportunity to attend a party there and I found it to be quite enchanting.

They have quite a lot of tasty treats.  We had scones and bagels with cream cheese, coffee, lemonade and tea.  The Blueberry scones were incredible!

Besides an upright piano for budding and virtuoso artists, and plenty of room for a party, they also have a special area for kids to be comfortable in.  What nice touches, in my opinion... and I especially appreciate that they are geared towards making kids welcome.... complete with a lily pad table and chairs, just their size.

  There are also some fun hands made crafty things for sale in the foyer.  They  have things like knitted hats, earrings, hair bows and ribbons, stuff like that; and they have good coffee too.

What a fun place to get some special refreshments, followed by a walk or playtime in the park.

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