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Monday, June 21, 2010

Petit Chat Village Bakery

This cute little neighborhood bakery is on Waikiki (N. Wall) in Spokane.  I stopped in recently with a friend so she could buy a loaf of bread to take to a function she was going to.  We ended up having a bite to eat there because they had a luncheon menu.  I had the feta basil and tomato croissant, my friend ordered the ham and cheese croissant.  "Mmmmmm," we said to each other as we ate our little lunch.  The food was good!

My friend absolutely loved this bakery.  She declared that she would make this the destination of her neighborhood walks from now on.  I thought, "What a deal... walk two miles and eat a pastry afterwards!"  I saw her a week later and she reported that the bread she bought and took to a dinner party, (a herb and cheese variety,) was “fantastic!”

Just look at all these breads they have for sale!

Petit Chat... is located at 9910 North Waikiki Road, phone: (509) 468-2720.  If you are interested in going for lunch, you can call ahead to check on the soup of the day!

Besides bread and soup and sandwiches for lunch, they have pastries for sale in the small eat-in area where you can sit and enjoy your fare…be it a sticky bun,
or éclair!

I am confident that once one is bitten by the bakery-fresh bug, one will happily make the trip here to get your favorite fresh bread.  I have heard however, that one can find Petite Chat Village Bakery products "on the shelf" at Huckleberry's on the South Hill.  They have also been purchased at one of Spokane's local farmer's market and of course, they can be found fresh-baked, right here behind the counter at this wonderful, little “north side” bakery store.

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