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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Panda Express

IT was a lovely summer evening for a picnic, so we had Panda In the Park.

Panda Express is a drive through or eat in restaurant with several locations in Spokane.  It's a Chinese fast food restaurant chain throughout the US actually, one we reap the benefit of.  YUM!  What can I say, we like it every now and then.  It was inspirational to think of taking Panda Express food with us on a picnic!

At Panda, you get a choice of rice or chow mein and then add your favorites from their selection to your dish.  They even let you sample stuff.  The restaurant is cafeteria style... you see what they have and pick what you like as you go down the line and pay for it at the end.   You can drive through too if you like. 

We sampled the Walnut Shrimp, which was delicious, but we went with eating Bejing Beef and Kung Pow Chicken and Bejing Beef with Orange Chicken.  Then we went to Manito Park.

"Man, It' toe purty here!"
we like to say,
using our Tweety Bird
in  the way he says,
"I thought I saw a puty cat."
Here are some pictures from around the park:

Man-it-o Pretty!"
Small people, big trees...look at the grandma with her grandchild standing at the bottom looking to the top, marveling at how tall the tree is!

We walked around the duck pond listening to the sound of cello being played upon the breeze. Panda Express on Urbanspoon

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