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Friday, July 2, 2010

Shakey's Pizza Parlor

This place was an experience.  I mean, three of us went and we all were a little struck with the uniqueness and business of it all.  Thankfully the servers answered all of my questions and directed us in what to do.

Shakey's  is relatively new to this location, (9602 N. Newport Hwy) It's another one of those places I have wanted to try, but never did  quite have the opportunity.  (I blame the yummy little "Panda Express" next door.) But you know, when an opportunity presents itself, sometimes you just have to take it, and the other day I did.

I remember Shakey's as a child.  It was not here in Spokane, in a completely different city in fact, but it was still Shakey's Pizza, even way back "when."   I remember, way back then, the big ta-so was a guy with a banjo playing while my family ate pizza.

Times have changed, now there is big screen TV, an a kids arcade.

Golf was on at the time, to which my daughter who was with us, and who is really good at "goofy golf," and who knew it was World Cup season, automatically subtracted ten points from the overall restaurant score.  (She probably would have given them some points for a banjo player though.)  Sports bar or no sports bar, which they also have here, we are not keeping score.. just enjoying the dining experience and the food, and... for the record, just as I remember as a child, the pizza was superb!

We ordered the Firehouse Special on thin crust.  I love it.  Being a basil lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh basil and the thin crust was probably the best I have even had. It was hard to choose what to order, as there is quite a selection, even a make your own option.  Here is the menu!

We enjoyed a salad and some buffalo wings too.  Because they specialize in MOjo's we had to try that too, so we had a small order of chicken and mojo's...  yum!
They offer a beautiful salad bar.  I personally do not care for iceberg lettuce, but Geo loves it.  If you are a romaine lover like me, there's a plethora of optional add ins.  They do not offer a one trip salad option however, except in their luncheon specials.  This was kind of a bummer.

They utilized these groovy little homing devices to help them find your table and bring your order to you when it is ready.   This might also call your server to the table , I am not sure, but it is a rather neat little invention I must say.  I should have pressed the button to see if it worked, and called a server to get my drink for me, I didn't like standing in line, the one and only line in the whole place,  to pour my own drink. 

I did ask the server who answered most of my "first timer" questions  if she liked working here and she said it was a great place to work.  She said nothing but positive things about it and praised here manager saying that everyone liked working here.  It shows.  Shakey's Pizza Parlor, as crazy of an atmosphere as it was for us first timers was definitely a great place to eat, and they have a great, old fashioned,  sense of humor here too...

Definately a winner in the Pizza department... right up there with the best, that is for sure!

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  1. First time I had Shakey's was in Japan, so I am glad to see it here in Spokane. Awesome pizza.