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Friday, July 2, 2010

Baek Chun Sushiyama

Well, we have found another terrific restaurant... Baek Chun Sushiyama located  at 13032 W 14th Ave in Airway Heights.  It is hard to believe we have driven right by this one many times and never thought to give it a try, that is until tonight.  I am not sure what lead us here... probably the Korean food advertisement, but I am sure glad we found this place.

If you have never been here, and if you love oriental foods, this is the place for you!  It is the place for me, that is for sure.  It's a really pretty little place, decorated so nicely and it serves really great food.

Baek Chun Sushiyama specializes in both Japanese and Korean food, I have since learned that they have a special reputation for sushi.  We felt very welcomed and well cared for during our meal too.

In addition to a restaurant, the owners run an oriental food store that shares the same building.  The store is filled to the brim with all kinds of foodstuff that you might want to have handy if you enjoy Japanese or Korean foods at home.  I loved browsing up and down the isles looking at all the interesting things.

Geo ordered Korean, and I ordered Japanese.  He had the Kim Chee Soup and I had a Bento with Teriaki and Tempura. 

Here you see his soup with all the Korean trimmings--- These we delicious.  The Kiim chee was awesome. 

Here is my Teryaki Chicken Bento---

The Bento came with all sorts of yummy tempura, some side salads and California Roll.  (a.k.a. sushi)  To my surprise the sushi had fish eggs on top.  These kinda looked like orange sprinkles.  I ate them.

Wow, I have never eaten caviar before... fish eggs either....  I wish I could rant and rave but they were so small they were almost unnoticeable... except I had to go and ask what it was on my sushi.

"Fish Eggs"

They were not so bad.  Geo loves caviar, and often has tried to get me to eat them.  HE did not even have to try, I just ate them, he helped a little because we shared.

I am so glad to have discovered this little place.  It iw well worth the drive to Airway Heights to check out all the little restaurant that they have hidden over there.  This one is a little gem....  a little bit like those sparkling fish egg sprinkles, you might say;  definitely "a keeper".... and one we will visit again... and again!

We will be back... soon!

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