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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Safari Room

The Safari Room is part of the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane.  It is actually located in the Davenport Tower on the corner of  First and Post.  You can go there for breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.  We chose Dinner.

I was surprised to discover that the Safari Room, is not actually a room... it is the whole Tower lobby, and the whole lobby is decorated with wild African animal art.  you feel sort of like you are in a palace on the savanna.  Your adventure begins as you walk on the giraffe skin styled flooring and encounter the wild cheetah chairs.  There are wild things represented all through the place. 

The place is amazing.... and the food...  quite delicious.  I forgot to photo it until we had eaten it all.   I actually photographed our empty plates, but I will spare you the dirty dishes and just tell you we thoroughly enjoyed it

We didn't quite know what to order, but our lovely waitress graciously helped us choose.  She had no problem recommending that Geo try the ribs and I the shrimp and basil fettuccine.  Good choices for sure, and certainly good selections for us to try... but I suspect that everything on the menu has merit... after all, it was hard for us to choose.

We loved the elephants...  and they were everywhere.  Did I mention that there were animals all over the place?  There is even a taxidermy tiger. Now personally I am not too much into the taxidermy thing, but I do find it interesting to see what an animal looks like, up close and personal, sort of. 

We were offered a lovely selection of desserts on a dessert tree  There were tiny tastes of various treats... Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Mousse,  Cheesecake and our utmost favorite of the evening,, Creme Brulee..

The desserts are usually $2.00 each, but they were half price that night, so we splurged and tried them all.  If the prices at the Safari Room are a bit out of your budget but you still want to hit the downtown scene sometime,  remember, they have special deals from time to time.  Some of their specials even include accommodations overnight.   All you have to do is check their website, or call and ask about dining specials...which they do have, making a visit here quite affordable for the person who lives local,  particularly during "happy hour."

The Davenport Hotel has specials worth checking out from time to time as well... and of course there is always valet parking!

HEre are some animals in the lobby of the Tower...
a hippo and a rhino....

and I am not certain, but I think this pool of water is smiling. If it is, it must be because we had a lovely time at the Safari Room at the Davenport Hotel Tower!

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  1. Thank you for the nice post about the Safari Room. We are glad you enjoyed your dinner! Hope you come back soon.