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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Main Market

On a recent "Pig-Out in the Park" annual city event of food and music, we passed by the Main Market, on Main Street,  Well,, if you are like me and my traveling companions, you cannot simply pass by such a place without stopping, and that is just what we did!

We bought some snacks for our journey while we were there..corn puff things, sesame treats and drinks.  Main Market is a Food Cooperative, and we are not members... yet we did buy stuff.  Just as the sign says, "Anyone can shop!"

We also took a look around....

.It's easy to spot as you drive by.  They have painted the old "Goodyear" garage into a colorful mural  depicting food and farming. I like the mural.  It's attractive, beautiful, really

I think it's so important to support farmers and to remember where food really does come from...

Food doesn't come from a store... it is all much more involved than that.  Food actually comes from hard work...  you know, fighting the weds and bearing with the weather...and of course, animals and from seeds.

Inside Main Market, they have most anything that anyone would need... .baby products, first aid remedies, cleaning products, even pots and pans too, but mostly food, food, and more food... in particular, organic food.  It's the kind of place earth-worshippers would feel quite cozy, but of course, as the sign says, "Anyone can shop."

There is a lovely deli dining room, with a good selection of ready made things to eat.

Here is their nice indoor seating area.  There are picnic tables outside as well.

There is a bakery section,

a cheese section, with all kinds of cheeses... and this dairy section too:

 a coffee section,

a bulk foods section,
a baby section,

an herb section,
a miscelleneous section,

a fresh foods section....
and  even rent-able freezers available for people who do not have a freezer but who perhaps want to purchase a side of beef.

You can see some of the herbs there in the background.
 We do  have many nice markets, bakeries and meat shops to shop, here in Spokane.  You just have to know where they are.... find the one you like and shop there,  Support your local businesses.... and growers.

I have just added Main Market to my list of places to shop.  Our visit here was amazing, and I hope yours is too

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  1. oohhhh...I want to visit. Wanna go sometime? :)