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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flaming Wok

This particular Flaming Wok is located in the North Town Mall.  It's one of those places we frequent from time to time when Chinese food is in order; especially Geo, only he visits the one at the Valley Mall. The food is tasty, quick, reasonably priced, and "to-go".. if you like.  At NorthTown the eatery area is called Discovery Park. 
It's "fast food at the mall sometimes, what else can I say?

But if you eat fast food, or if you simply get hungry while you shop at the mall, you don;t have to worry because the malls have quite a selection.  You can choose seafood, pizza, tacos, hot dogs, noodles...It's your pick and your ethnic variety of choice.

We opted for Flaming Wok.... you walk right up and then you get food that's hot!  There is a nice selection.

I always get the vegetables when I eat here.

and whether you seat yourselves in Discovery Park or take it home, a "To-Go " is always good!

Flaming Wok Menu

Flaming Wok In Northtown Mall on Urbanspoon

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