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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frank's Diner

Wow! What a train ride!

We didn't really go anywhere, but we sure had a lot of fun and we ate well too.  Such was a recent  birthday outing with a friend to Frank's Diner on the north side of Spokane.

Here it was November 2010, and there we were,  having lunch aboard the Laketon, a twelve wheeled, 130,000 pounds Pullman car originally built in October of 1913.  She no longer rolls on any tracks, but she's still a beaut!  And I attest, it's just plain fun to be aboard a train, eating and laughing with a friend.

Each of the Frank's Diners are fashioned around Railroad cars and each is unique. You can read about 607, this car below...  (Click and zoom in.) or at  Frank's Diner's website.  

If you visit the website you can see all the things on their menu too.  as you can see, they do a lot of cooking!  They even serve breakfast all day!
I ordered the BLT on Rye with fries and a cup of soup. 

My friend ordered a hamburger and fries with salad

Here is my soup and her salad.

 BLT on rye....

Burger with fries....
and a spot of tea...

But before long, our trip ended..... and off we went to do some shopping together.
In the end, this was a fun and tasty place to eat.

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