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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rancho Chico

Rancho Chico is Mexican food!  I love Mexican food, and upon moving to Spokane 17 years ago, we knew we would like living here if there was good Mexican food.  Fortunately we found this place AND it is as good today as it was back then.  They have even expanded into more locations over the years.  The Rancho Chico we went to is located at 9205 N Division St., Spokane.

It had been a really long time sine I had eaten here.  I forgot how pretty it was inside...

 It is so colorful!  I love it.

The food is colorful too.  
 I ordered chicken tacos

It came with rice and beans and I ordered a Shirley Temple too.  It was sweet.
My lunchtime friend ordered... hmmm, I forgot!  Here it is pictured.  I think it was Heuvos Rancheros, but I might be wrong.   Our lunch came with the traditional chips and salsa...

 After our lunch we were presented with the traditional sopaipilla too....  one each!  Yum!
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  1. Love ur blog! :-)

  2. We went to this place when Karis was a baby, sitting in a high chair..she hurled all over the floor, right next to someone's table...we were sooo embarrased, we have not been back since!

  3. Maybe it's time to go again? Es muy bien!