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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This little restaurant called Stix, is located on N. Nevada Street.  It is an offshoot of Twigs, another restaurant on N.  Hwy 395 just past Hastings Rd.  And here is a bit of Spokane trivia for you:  This building used to be a little restaurant called Bella Union... if you are one of those who would remember that.

I pass Stix often in my daily travels to and fro, and have heard good things about it but never had the time or chance to visit... until recently when I trekked there with a couple of hungry friends. 

I liked the big wooden door...
...and the cool bottles on display. This place was quite busy for lunch.  I think that it is a well liked little spot.

It was a cloudy, cold, and rainy sort of autumn day, so needless to say, we three greatly appreciated the roaring fireplace they had, and sat nearby.  I have to say, it was very cozy.

I asked the waitress what was their "specialty" at Stix,  She told me it was "martinis."  Well we went for food....

I ordered the fish tacos which the waitress also recommended.  She said it was something that a lot of people ordered, so I thought I would try it.   It came with "homemade" chips and salsa.  The salsa was really good.  The chips, didn't look homemade, but for all I know they were.  To me, they looked like Doritos, tasted great but did have an original flavor.  The fish tacos were pretty good-sized-- however,  I think I could have done with just one.  They were also messy to eat.  The fish, cut up in pieces, kept falling out.  It had black beans and corn in it too.

My friends ordered sandwiches, one with fries and one with chips as a side, like me.  She liked her chips and salsa too.  (This snack was definitely a winner!)

 One of the orders was for an item that had coleslaw served on the sandwich.  My friend didn't think that sounded too good, so she asked to have it put on the side instead.  Unfortunately, the sandwich came with it on anyhow.  The waitress kindly left the chips and then had another sandwich made, this time without the slaw on the sandwich.  This is why the food items here are pictured on two plates instead of one. That is her sandwich and slaw on the side below. 

Such was a rainy day lunch at Stix.
Here is a view of some of the other things on their menu. Double click on it for a better view.

Stix is located at 9820 N. Nevada, east of the Northpointe Shopping Center.
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