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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brambleberry Cottage

Brambleberry Cottage is a tea gift shoppe and tea room in Spokane.  There is almost no better way to relax with a friend than to go to "tea," and that is just what I did when I went to tea at this lovely little place with my friend this day.  But, let me tell you, this is a tiny little tucked away place that you might never know about unless you were looking for it. It's located east of division, south of Sprague, at 206 E. Pacific Avenue, here in Spokane.

Here is a picture of the a picture they have on the wall depicting the establishment.  I liked it rather than my own photo because there are leaves on the trees.  The day I went it was windy and rainy....January day, and a perfect day for hot tea.

Here is looking out from inside the door.

 There is a staircase when you first walk in, and a guest book and for me there was a closed wooden door.  Having never been here before, it was a little bit awkward to know which way to go, but I took a risk and opened the door.  It was the right choice.  (The door was closed to keep out the cold.) On the other side of the door was the Brambleberry experience.

 Here is our little reserved table, to the right,  and some pictures of the other rooms, even the upstairs, where there is a bit of overflow space and many very pretty items to browse.


Dawn, the owner, has added some beautiful touches to the decor.

I loved the rose art, and the Spokane nostalgia on the walls upstairs. There were little special touches everywhere.  

After some exploring and looking over the tea menu, it was time for tea.

...and crumpets.  Never having had "crumpets" before, I thought that was the highlight of our meal, on the other hand, everything was delicious!
 The crumpet was like a crispy English muffin-pancake.  If that sounds interesting to you, then you simply must try these delicious things for yourself.

But that is not all we had.  The crumpet was served with jam and Devonshire cream, and this amongst a vast array of wonderful things to eat... and actually it was on one of three plates...

 There as a scrumptious fruit sauce served over these little round cakes.  Marvelous!  Along with our sandwiches and sweets,, we had some dill/potato soup.  (All served on pretty little plates!)  Certainly, such a tea time as this is a bit of a feminine thing to to, it is true that men,
(while they would probably rather be hunting or fishing,) in the right company, often enjoy "tea time" too!

I noticed that the house number placard is actually a colorful collage , or rather mosaic of pretty broken chine piece.  Another clever and endearing touch by the ladies at Brambleberry Cottage.

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