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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Applebee's is one of those places that has been around a while.  I have been here once before, a long time ago. Today, when some friends suggested Applebee's for lunch, I couldn't resist.  It was definately time to revisit this friendly "hometown" sort of place. 

I call it a hometown sort of place because inside there are displays of high school sports team stuff. In fact, the last time I was here, one friend I was with was quite surprised when she saw her high school picture on the wall from when she was Lilac Queen.  That was cool.    It is the kind of thing that gives one the feel that this restaurant supports the local communities.  I liked that aspect.

I liked it today too.  I liked seeing all the local sports memorabilia.  I just kinda made me happy to think of all the people coming here and feeling a bit nostalgic, like my friend.  But I wasn't here to sight see, or to be nostalgic... We had come to eat lunch. 

The four of us were definitely taken-in by the pictures on the menu, and the fod looked quite good.  Some of us opted for the under five hundred fifty calorie fare, but not me. I enjoyed the Ruben (1/2 ) with an oriental chicken salad on the side.  (This is what you order when you cannot make up your mind.)
 The other girls has .. soup and salad...
 sliders and shrimp salad...

and another half sandwich and salad lunch combination deal.  Yum!


 Applebee's is actually a chain of restaurants that is not only national, but international.  They began in the 1980's in Atlanta Georgia, but today you will find Applebee Restaurant's in China and Equador, too.

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