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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taste of India


Taste of India is one of the first spots we visited in breaking out of our food comfort zone and trying new foods and visiting new restaurants around this city.  I never blogged it because I hadn't begun blogging yet.  The opportunity arose the other day to visit here again and it was a real treat for me in more ways than one.  Not only did I get to have lunch with some friends, but I ate some great Indian food, and I get to blog about it too.

The restaurant is located on Division Street, just north of where north Ruby intersects; 3110 North Division Street, to be more exact.

When you eat here, you can order individual dishes from the menu, but if it lunch time, then there is a great little lunch buffet if you would like to try that instead.  Whichever way you order, don;t forget the naam.  (Indian style bread--it's delicious!)  The buffet was the menu that we all went with this afternoon. I really like the option because it gives one the opportunity to explore several Indian flavors at once. And, a note to Jan... meeting here for lunch turned out to be just right for a gathering of friends on a February afternoon. Great idea!

If you are reading this and you wonder what Indian food is like, it is colorful, aromatic and saucy.  There are a lot of peas lentils and beans too.  Some of it may look a little unusual... but it is good!

The flavors of Indian food are flavorful.  Some are spicy hot curries, some are just flavorful.  It's a little bit like taking your tastebuds on vacation.  You will enjoy things like coriander, saffron, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon,  anise, cardamon, and nutmeg. They use a lot of yogurt in their foods too.  It is all really rather exotic.

This place advertises that they change their buffet menu daily, so you could probably eat here everyday and not grow tired of it.  The best part is perhaps the traditional Indian bread, called Naam, YUM!

As you can see, the food is very colorful.  The little rounds on the left were some sort of potato and there was some delicious curry chicken too.  (not too spicy either.)
 Some of the selections were:

Here you see a dinner all pt together.  In the small bowl, is rice pudding to which was added a small round dough-nut like treat that was offered.  On the plate is white rice, naam, lentils smothered in tahini-like sauce.  (quite complimentary!)

Hmmm, forgot what the green sauce was.  Sorry.

There is also tandoori chicken, which is baked in a special kind of oven, and salad with onion chutney.

You can check their daily buffet menu on their facebook page...

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