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Monday, October 17, 2011


Forza is an Italian word, and it means "Go!'   (It also means strength or force.)  I happen to think it is a great name for a coffee shop with a drive through window; you know, you get your coffee and ..."Go!"   But Forza coffee shop is more than meets the eye.  It is more than just your usual "coffee stop.  It's a great little place to have a bite to eat too.  Primarily based in Washington, I thought it was a great little find.

Currently, in Spokane, you can find a Forza in two spots.  One is on the South Hill at 2829 E 29th #B and in Spokane Valley, at 325 S. Sullivan Road, Suite C.

Pastries on display at Forza.
It's a relaxed atmosphere here, and there is even a fireplace and comfy chairs to relax in while you sip your coffee.  They not only serve espresso drinks and various other specialty coffee beverages, teas, soft drinks, smoothies but pastries, (the ones here at Forza was made by the local Rocket Bakery,) sandwiches, salads, wine by the glass, beer on tap, and whole bean coffee that you can brew at home. I have to tell you too, I was surprised to learn they serve more than coffee.

I thought I had been given wrong information when I went in, but a very reliable source had informed me that Forza was a great place to go for lunch.  Come to find out, it's one of those best kept "secrets."

My first clue was one woman eating a nice looking salad on a big square plate when we came in.  I stood at the counter and read the marquee menu... twice and saw nothing about salads or sandwiches at all.  I wondered several time if I had been given faulty information; then,
I saw this sign...

"Turkey Bacon Bravado."

Hmmm.  It was beginning to look like they served food.

Then, I spotted what looked like a menu....

Not only did they have a menu, but it contained quite a selection of items you could order up for lunch, including salads.

After a bit of deliberation, I ordered that, the "special of the day." a Turkey and Bacon Bravado.

"What is that?" you might ask...

Well, it looks like this:

 and it was served with potato chips.  It was smoked turkey and bacon with feta cheese and a tasty sun-dried tomato sauce, lettuce and slice of tomato.

Our group ordered two bravados and
a Pepperoni and Olive Pizza, (which was served on Naam, and quite yummy too......

an Egg and Bacon Cheese Bagel,

 and a Cinnamon Roll which had nuts on it.

We also ordered some coffees
and a mango-orange juice drink.

It was all really good!

As I mentioned, this place also serves beer and wine, however, like the food, these items are not on the marquee menu either.  As for a wine list, I inquired and my understanding is, what you see on display is what is being served that day.  They change varieties from time to time. The same is true for the beer on tap.

For more information, visit the website: Forza Coffee.

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