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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alpine Deli

The Alpine Deli , 417 E. 3rd Ave. in Spokane, is a little specialty food shop and delicatessen that I have recently discovered and so, I want to blog about it.   I was simply driving by a place that I have always driven before, seeing the same thing I have always seen as I drove past, and decided to stop in at a little place that I had been curious about every time that I did drive past... though this time,  I think that what intrigued me was the notion of lunch.  Anyhow, I did stop inside to see what the Alpine Deli had to offer.

I tell you, the shop is pretty ordinary from the outside.

  It is a simple storefront, complete with a sign and a window, and a door....
but inside, it was like walking into another world.  I asked to take photos but the cashier declined me doing so...  you will just have to go and see for yourself . 

Besides a lunch service, they sell lots of imported German goods, like German beer and well as wines from around the world.  There are all kinds of sausages and cheeses which they obviously make into the sandwiches on their menu, which offered things like liverwurst, smoked ham, and hoghead cheese.  There were a lot of items that I knew little or nothing about by name.

On the shelves were a variety of things.  I saw grocery foods, jams and jellies....imported candies.. things like that, all of a German/Austrian/Scandinavian flair.  I was happy to discover that they sell a kind of bread I really like, so I bought some, and some chocolate bars too. 

It was very fun and I can hardly wait to go here with some of my German friends who know what to order!  (You know who you are!) 

Hungry, I went with something familiar to me.  So there I was, thinking that the Ruben sounded good, maybe with some German potato salad or the red cabbage and sausage dish, but as it turned out, I ordered Lentil Soup... and a little bummed about the limited seating, I ordered it To Go... and off I went, but, if I may say so, it was a wonderful lentil soup.

 My soup came with crackers and a spoon in a lunch bag... perfectly packaged for traveling with.  Since this is not actually a restaurant, (though there are some tables) taking food "To Go" is common here.  It is a great place to shop for imported gifts, candies and groceries.

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