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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Palm Court Grille (at the Davenport Hotel)

The generous people at the Davenport Hotel have invited Spokane to celebrate their recent restaurant renovation and to taste the new menu items by offering us some very special prices.  Most, but not all,  of their menu items have been marked half price until Mid-November.   Visiting the beautiful  Davenport Hotel is a treat and this special priced deal at their restaurant was an offer we could not refuse, so off we went.... to the Palm Court Grill, though you can get the same special prices on their menu at the Peacock Room Lounge until the special ends.

We made our reservations in advance, so you will want to also.... be warned, everything was delicious!  The Davenport itself is a historical (and glamorous) place to see.

We were seated promptly, but had to wait a little long for the food order to arrive, something understandable for it was a weekend evening and the half-price menu does draw a big crowd.

We had a look at the Menu.... and ordered. 

Coconut Prawns

For an appetizer, Geo ordered French Onion Soup.... he loved it!  We also had the Coconut Prawns.

French Onion Soup

Coconut Salmon

For Dinner, I selected the Coconut Salmon which comes with rice and a seasonal vegetable.  Here, it is fresh green beans.  As you can see, there were only about three of them, (and they were tasty too!).  It was kind of surprising that there were only three, but if I may say so, it was totally "gourmet."  The fish was fun to eat this way, though not exactly what you want to eat immediately following Coconut Prawns because the two are so similar, but it was delicious!

 Geo had the French Dip as an entree, with fries.
French Dip
 Then there was dessert.

A Creme Brulee and ....
 a delicious Apple Cobbler, a la mode.
Dessert was a difficult choice... and they are all great.  BEtween all our recent excursions, and friends bringing us take out we have tried them all.  (Thanks for the cake Josh!) All are fabulous!
 I must tell you we have told as many people as possible about this deal...and have even gone with friends who have loved it too.  We have been there two more times since this evening here.  We have tried the Hummus, the Calamari, the Salmon and Halibut Grilled, the Tempura, (I love Tempura!) and it is all delicious, even the Grilled Cheese Sandwich that is served with Tomato Bisque Soup is great! We loved everything, especially the service... and, of course, the special price! (Thank you Davenport Hotel and staff!)  Of course, the main thing that makes dinner out special is the company.....

Love ya Geo!

PS.  When at the Davenport, be sure to have a look around at the photos up on the walls.  There is a lot of interesting stories there.

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