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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Shop shop on Perry Street, that is; not to be confused with The Shop that sells surf and board stuff.  (They have the same "cool" name as each other, but a different genre of goods. )

I was actually out to lunch with my son, walking the Perry district for fun and exercise when I stumbled upon The Shop.  In the mood for a cup-o-joe, we wandered in and ordered up some of their delicious hot brew.  We both took note that this was very good coffee.... and  I understand that they roast it in house too!  Nice surprise.

The Shop itself was filled with interesting things to feast on with our eyes.  Besides pastries for us to imagine we were eating... (we had already eaten our share of pizza down the street,) and humorous signage on the wall, there was a lot of info from the neighborhood and activities around town that could be had too.

It was pretty popular that day.  Alot of people were having coffee and using the Internet, some bicyclists came in to rejuvenate themselves and we took a little respite on the sofa too, taking it all in for a little while as we sipped our joe.
 Like it's neighbor, South Perry Pizza, The Shop is a renovated garage or gas station, and in the summer has outdoor seating and a big parking lot.
 Outside on a neighboring wall is a painted projector screen, which I presume in summer is used for showing outdoor movies.  The painted-on screen was very cool. 

Great spot.... serves "lunchy" things, bagels too.  For the record, if my boy wants to go again when we are out on the town, I'm in!

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