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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blu Berry

Popular in Spokane right now is going out on the town for a dessert treat of frozen yogurt, at least it must be.  There are frozen yogurt shops popping up everywhere.  The most recent I have personally seen is Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt.  This one is located on Division and Francis in the Northtown Square Shopping Center, and is easy to find because of the Red Lobster restaurant on the corner.

Blue Berry is an attractive spot, decorated in a lovely hue of mostly blue... but raspberry too.  It's surprisingly very much like the other frozen yogurt places around town that we like to visit, and yet it is different.  I would have thought they were all owned by the same entity because of the similarities, (I am getting used to the look of small squares of tile, ) but they are not.  I asked.  One nice feature here at the Blu Berry is a lovely fireplace to warm yourself when you come in from the cold... to eat your cold Yo Cream treat!
They have a wall of frozen yogurt spouts from which to try their flavors and serve yourself you favorite flavors.

 In order to really enjoy places like this, one must overcome fears of sticky fingers.....

We have some fears of sticky we appreciate attentive attendants and watchful parents who read and acknowledge signs like this one here.  We also love frozen yogurt and love the freedom to try all the new flavors too, so we kinda love all the FROYO options we see around town.

They had a lot of toppings to choose from but I am a bit of a "purist, " no toppings for me on my selection of  chocolate, peanut butter and coffee flavored Yo Cream.  Geo makes up for a lack of toppings on mine by putting a lot of toppings on his.

I have to say too, that he was a little disappointed.  With all the toppings they did offer, they didn't have almonds. Specifically, he likes it when places offer the  chocolate covered almonds, but here he found no almonds at all.

there were lots of other things though, and he did find some things he likes.

He seemed to enjoy his Fro Yo.

 We both did.

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