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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dos Amigos

In the mood for Mexican food, we headed over to Dos Amigos on  Trent, (12119 E. Trent to be exact.)  This sign was great.  I felt like it really told Mexican food the way it is is mean to be... maybe a little bit like, everything you ever wanted to know about Mexican food, but were afraid to ask.. kinda thing.... or you could say, "Burritos, Tacos, and Enchiladas..."Oh My"  like you were traveling down the Yellow Brick Road or something.... IIt really says it all as far as Mexican food is concerned, so we knew this place was worth a try.  Geo was, however, hoping for his favorite... a Chile Relleno, (a stuffed chili pepper,) and was glad to find them both first thing on the menu!

.Geo used to come here for lunch sometimes when he worked in the Valley, but it had been a very long time since then.  He liked the changes.  It is a pretty little place inside and the service was great!

Geo ordered an Enchilada, Chile Rellenos and a Taco.  I ordered a Fajita.

Typically, a Mexican style dinner begins with the traditional chips and salsa....
While we waited for our rellenos and fajitas to arrive we took in the views.
 There are some beautiful wall paintings here!

They also have a jukebox, loaded with all sorts of great and contemporary music from south of the border.  Seems to me, one could easily move a few tables and chairs and dance to the mariachis in this place.

Then came the food....

This is the guacamole and sour cream with tortillas for the fajitas
Great food!

When you are done, they bring you these wonderful fried pastries called sopaipillas.

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