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Friday, April 13, 2012

Das Stein Haus

I guess the one thing I love about tasty trekking is visiting ethnic restaurants. Today it was German.

If you have lived very long in Spokane, paeticularly the Five Mile Area, then you probably know that what used  to be Chick-A- Ria (for about 20 years) has a new name.  It is now, Das Stein Haus.  Needless to say, I was happy to go there with friends for lunch.  The address is, 1812 W Francis Ave.  It's in the Five Mile Shopping Center.

Some of us even dressed up for the occasion!  This is Lila.

At Das Stein Haus, they make their own German Sausages and serve favorites like Spatzle and Schnitzel and Kraut too..

There is a lounge and a restaurant.  This is the entrance to the lounge area.  Below is a photo from the restaurant side of the place.  As you can see, it is very colorful and the shelves upon the walls are decorated with steins of all kinds.

My friend said she felt like she was in Germany.

There were a lot of choices on the menu.

What would we eat?
The Combo Sausage Special,  of course!
One person skipped lunch and ordered the Black Forrest Chocolate Cake!
But that is not all.  Our group also had Salad....
A Club Sandwich...

a Reuben...

and a visit from the Chef....
who, surprisingly, wore his Lederhosen
T-Shirt.... just for this photo with Lila!  This made our time a lot of fun.  (Thank you George!)

A fun, delicious, and very happy time was had by all.

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