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Friday, April 13, 2012

Go Fro Yo

Seriously,there are a lot of frozen yogurt shops in town and now, another frozen yogurt shop has come to my attention.  This one is called Go Fro Yo.  I liked it the minute I went in, mostly because of the colorful decor.  I am not sure why all these yo cream places specialize in tile, but this one is the prettiest of the tile so far in my travels.  It's location is 15735 E, Broadway, over in the Valley by Walmart, nestled between Sally and Plato's Closet.  

They had a great selection of flavors...  and they have Bubble Tea!  I understand too that there are a couple of these stores around town.

This place advertised several special deals.  There is a Birthday Party special and a discount if you shop at one of the mall stores and go  to buy yogurt afterwards.  Just bring in your day's shopping receipt.
Geo liked this place a lot. We even went here two times in one  weekend.  This is because they had chocolate covered almonds.  (If you recall, the last Fro Yo spot had none.) We went two times because we went the second time with friends

Between visits we learned that there is some kind of Peanut Butter flavored yogurt shortage to be expected in the future, which could put a damper on things.  We really liked it the first time we were there, and were disappointed they were out of it on our second visit.  The server behind the counter insured us however that there would be plenty of peanut flavored toppings and syrups to help make up for it.

They also have really pretty cups and matching spoons.  
There were a lot of toppings to choose from... and, did I mention, the selections include chocolate covered almonds!  (that was for you Geo!)

We ended up with some very yummy treats!

Sometimes you feel like a nut topping,
Sometimes you don't!

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