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Friday, May 4, 2012

Perry Street Cafe

I often find myself driving past the Perry Street Cafe, thinking something like, "I would like to try that place someday!"  Located on the corner of the town center on Perry Street on Spokane's South Hill, this little place evokes a nostalgia in me.  It makes me think of a place I once worked in in Oregon.  One of my first jobs was waitressing in a little street-shop cafe by the beach.  There's no beach here, but the place is just as charming, and finally, I made it to the Perry Street Cafe!  I wasn't just "driving by" either.  Perry Street Cafe was my predetermined destination on a recent outing for lunch with a friend, and I was not disappointed.

I love quaint little spots like this, where the service is expedient, but at the same time when you are feeling leisurely, there is not rush.  There is a down home feel to it... neighborly.... friendly.... the kind place where you can hang your hat, relax, and enjoy your meal.  This is THAT kind of place.  Besides that, the menu made me laugh... and I love that.

The food is advertised "home made" and "made from scratch."   Got to love that!

And besides, where else you you get an item listed as being available if Debbie "felt like making it" that day.  (If you want Mrs. B's Turkey Pot Pie, I guess you will just have to ask!)

My fried ordered salad and "fries".  Not your usual fries, and definitely tasty!

I went for the burger and baked beans.

I do hear rumor that this place serves up an awesome breakfast.  We might have to try that too!
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  1. Everything you said about Perry Street Cafe is true. My favorite menu item is the Reuben ... easily among of the best in town.

    And they do have an amazing breakfast!

  2. Oh...get one of Debbie's cinnamon rolls...huge, gooey and DELICIOUS!!