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Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Box Pies Bakery and Cafe

I was happy to try this little spot called White Box Pies on the corner of Sharp and Ruby.  I am really not a sandwich" person... and I'm not much of a pie person either, but being en-hungered for lunch, I took a venture to see what White box Pies was all about.  i was a bit curious too, to find out more about what "gluten free" items a pie and sandwich shop had to offer.

They had quite a selection.

 The pies looked yummy.

This is my gluten-free lunch plate.

While I was ordering, having noticed and commented how busy this little spot was, the man behind the counter told me they were looking for another location and would be moving soon to a bigger space.  He also told me that hey make all of their own everything here from scratch.  I think most of the building is kitchen.  With both indoor and outdoor seating, the place was definitely on people's radar scope for lunch.  I even overheard the man behind the counter telling one other first-timer to this restaurant that the sandwiches here would be the best they had ever eaten.

I ordered the Salad Trio... There was a Chicken and Pasta Salad, a Broccoli and Bacon and a Tomato/Cucumber Vinaigrette. (All gluten-free,) The three salads we served with a bread.  I selected a gluten free roll.   I didn't ask them about cross contamination because I am not gluten intolerant.  I just wanted to  check out what eating gluten-free might be like. So if that is you, you will have to ask your own questions of the management if that is of interest to you.

Lunch was great!  The gluten free roll, for one who does not HAVE TO eat gluten-free and had never eaten a gluten free roll before, was actually good.  I mean, it would take some getting used to if I was to actually be excited about it.  It was a good substitute, but certainly not the same as a more usual wheat product.  My salads, all three of them, were tasty!  My favorite was the broccoli one.  Yum!'

I wonder what location White Box Pies will be at when they move.  I may have to go back and try a sandwich, or maybe take home one of them-thar pies.

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  1. The best cheesecake I've ever had came from White Box Pies. It was lemon raspberry. It was light and just super awesome.

  2. A healthy, gluten-free treat for dessert lovers! It's great to know that bakeries are offering much better and healthier choices.