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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Timber Creek Grill Buffet

Timber Creek Grill is located at 9211 E. Montgomery in Spokane.  It's a Spokane original, brought to us by the same people who gave us Granny's buffet.... only the theme is more that of a lodge than your grandma's place.  Timber Creek has expanded and now also has a restaurant in Lewiston ID.  They boast that they have something for everyone... and it's true.  the variety here is quite pleasant.  They have different menus depending upon the day of the week.  Check their website.

We tasted many things and liked them all, especially the chicken and dumplings.... and macaroni and cheese.
 The Ice cream for dessert was great too.

I have to admit, my favorite thing was the chicken and dumplings and the salad bar.  the salad fixings  sure was pretty, and it was delicious too.  Besides, the salad went great with my steak, which was cooked to order.    That was delicious also, and I put mushrooms and onions on that.  I did think the steak to be a little salty, but it was just the right size and went perfect with the salad.
 The salad selection was amazing....

Here is a mystery to solve.... I would like to know why the onion slices at salad bars are always so large... as are the cucumber slices.  You can make some pretty cool towers, that is for sure!  I find that I always have to cut them into smaller pieces myself.  But I have another question..... maybe a bigger mystery..... and that is, "Why do men like gravy so much?"

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