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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hop Jacks

Last week Hop Jacks officially opened.  It's a little neighborhood-type of gathering spot, they say, and I must say, it is rather neat to have a place that welcomes the gathering of friends like the taverns and inns of old.   It's definitely a friendly spot.

Their specialty, I have learned, is hops and things made with hops, like beer, though I was at first, by sheer virtue of the name of the place, thinking it would be more like pancakes made really fast. You know.."Hop Jacks"  Nope.   It's hops.

In the "olden days," these were gathered by men on stilts!

As you see here, the taps are covered in ice.  At Hop Jacks, they guarantee that the beer on tap is extra cold.

Aside from the brew, their specialty is food, and you can even get pancakes, omelets  burgers, soup and salads here too!  This restaurant is part of a chain with restaurants in other cities.  My friend Nan says she goes to the one in Lacey all the time.

Fish Tacos

A Tasty Toasted Sandwich

Bowl of Clam Chowder with Salad

Cup of Clam Chowder

Asian Chicken Salad

They offer a rather eclectic menu for sure.

I have been here twice.  Located on Nevada street, near the WINCO store it's been rather convenient for meeting and eating with friends and co workers when on the north side of town.  The exact address is 9265.

The outside of the building is not unique, but the service here is great, very attentive.  I have never been to any other restaurant where they greet you and open the door for you as they do here, (unless of course this was just because of the grand opening week....  time will tell.  If you are in a hurry, let them know, for our group, they were very accommodating.

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