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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fiesta Charra

Mexican food!  This restaurant in (almost) Airway Heights has been here a long time.  I remember eating hear a long time ago, and I actually have a funny memory of this place....

 We were going out to dine with friends.... and we were running a little late... like five minutes or so.  When we arrived, the plates on the table before our friends were soiled and it appeared that everyone had already eaten.  I feared that we had been way more than only five minutes late.  Our friends were good actors too, until we finally figured out they borrowed some used dishes from a nearby table to pretend they had eaten.  Whew!

I laughed for days!

It was Mexican food then and it is today too, and the place is filled with color and great aromas of Mexican food.
 We loved the thin chips and salsa.  Unfortunately, I didn't like the photo I took of it.
 The food we ordered was good too.
Chile Rellenos, Beef Taco, Enchilada, Rice and Beans

Shredded Beef Taco, Tamale, Rice and Beans

Chicken Taco, Enchilada Rice and Beans
What is not to love about Mexican food, especially in Spokane?

Fiesta Charra
1520 S. Rustle Road
Spokane 835.5605

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