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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have to admit, I saw a commercial on TV for this place and thought it would be a great spot to try.  It wasn't a fancy commercial or anything like that, it just caught my attention because we had not been here before.  I had never even heard of it.  Off we went.

It was kinda funny trying to find this place.  Google told us it was somewhere other than where it was and we drove around looking for addresses on building... and in typical Spokane fashion it was to no avail.  However, a quick call to the restaurant helped us find it on the other side of the street, around the backside of the Albertson's store.

Over the phone the place sounded really busy, and when we got there, it was but we did get a table.  As a bit of fringe benefit, and to our surprise there was even live music!

It's a cute little spot and the musical entertainment was great fun to listen to.  Mark Lee played guitar and ukulele.  They have live music every Saturday night and on some special occasions too.

We enjoyed a lot of our favorite Asian dishes here.  We tried the Tempura Vegetables and Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  We really liked the tempura, but then tempura is always amazing to me.  there is just something about it that I love. Mostly, I think it is guess what vegetable it is beneath the batter and being surprised at how delicious it all is.

We enjoyed some Thai Tea....

For dinner, we shared an order of their Spicy Beef Noodle Soup called, Bun Bo Hue.  The Thai basil, bean sprouts and Jalapenos were a wonderful addition.

Our other dish was the Spicy Curry Lemongrass Chicken.  It was served with salad and rice.  It was colorful and delicious.

I had to laugh at the cheap-o fast-food-restaurant-like napkins.  These came complete with fast food-restaurant-like napkin dispensers on the tables, but I loved it.  I don't know about you but I like having napkins readily available without having too ask the waitress for them.  It was different, but definitely handy.

Above:  Mark Lee, (One Match Left) with his guitar and ukulele playing some original music and well known cover songs, particularly Beatles songs, was our entertainment.

Hear a little of what he played here,

You can also listen to his songs on his website.

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