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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Canaan Buffet

Just when you thought there was enough buffet restaurants in our city..."Whalla!" Another one appears! And it's specialty is Chinese!

Tonight we visited the Canaan Buffet.
It took us a while to find this place and all the while it was right before us.  Maybe it was because it  is located in the same spot where another restaurant of it's kind, (this would be the Black Jack Buffet,)  had closed?   Maybe it was because Geo and I already have so many favorite places to go already?  I do not know for sure, but I sure am glad we tried this one.  It's great!

Canaan Buffet is located in the North Point Shopping Center..  I love the beautifully ornate wood carved decorations in the dividing panels of the booths, and the overall atmosphere... it's a very pretty place with a lovely water feature.  You can count the goldfish and hunt for the turtle while you wait to be seated.

Canaan offers a Mongolian grill, a sushi bar and a vast array of pan Asian and American Cuisine.   The presentation of the food on the buffet was very welcoming.

Our first stop was the sushi bar....
I couldn't even tell you what it was that we ate. Geo just picked out some for us while I got the condiments and we ate it all.  Everything was delicious!  The sushi bar was beautiful, but then, I tend to look at sushi more as a work of art then food.  How great it is to eat such art.

The most spectacular thing for me was these beautiful dumplings...  I have never seen anything like this before.  On the upper left, you can see some kind of banana leaf cooked rice package, and I have only seen that once before.  Geo really liked the banana leaf one.  The rose looking dumpling was similar to a bean ball that I have had before that I really like, and the other one has some kind of meat inside of it.  I thought them both to be amazing!  Another work of edible art!

As you can see, we tried a lot of different dishes, and some Hot and Sour soup.  Geo's is the one with the crunchies....

I am picky about Hot and Sour soup.  This one passed the test.  It was very tasty hot and sour soup, not too hot and not too sour and not too salty, and so, it got our approval.

Little steam coffee cups on
the cappuccino flavored cake
Butterflies on the Black Forrest Cake

 I just had to take a picture of the decorations on these cakes!

We had some tea and dessert too.

For dessert, I had some fruit and Geo has a conglomeration of his favorite things.   Geo fed me a bit of his apple pie... a-la-mode and this resulted in me having a little bit of my own.  Now, for the record, I don't particularly like the idea of self-service hard ice cream at buffet restaurants, but I made an exception.

The pie was still steaming by the way.  Delicious!

We did not see any Kim Chee and that was sad, but I saw that in their selection of food they served rice noodle chow mien.  Also, there is the Mongolian Grill area.   This is where you select your meat, veggies, spices, and they cook it up stir-fry style for you, right on the spot!

There certainly is a lot to like about this place.

Their advertising says, CHILDREN UNDER 5 ARE ALWAYS FREE any time. And on Tuesdays, CHILDREN (12 and Under) EAT FREE with a purchase of two (2) adult meals. They they have take-out (you pay by the pound) and they offer catering as well as a banquet room you can reserve.

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  1. Great! I was there as wells and it was a great experience. The service was good, food was great, and they were very organized.