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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cold Stone Creamery

Ahh.... well, I visited Cold Stone ice cream shop, located at  9502 N. Newport Highway, (at Newport Hwy & Holland Rd  near the Northpoint Shopping Center,)  the other day. It's a nice store and they certainly have a great selection of ice cream!  

I asked it they have any diet ice cream.  The girl behind the counter told me that soon they would be getting a low calorie vanilla, but they didn't have it yet.  She also suggested the sorbets for a lower calorie option.   I was actually just kinda kidding about the low calorie ice cream as I eyes the ice cream cakes in the freezer case,  but I am glad that they have options.

At this place they mix your add-ins into your ice cream for you before they serve it to you and there are also a lot of add ins to choose from. One novelty of being here is that they will sing you a song if you leave them a tip!  I didn't get a song though.  It was quite busy and there was only one person working in the front..... maybe that is why?

So what did I get?  Oh man, you won;t believe it.  Yogurt... frozen yogurt. ( I think I am addicted.)

I ordered cinnamon flavored frozen yogurt, no topping.... small size.   What is wrong with me?   

Maybe on a birthday or special occasion, I will splurge.  Today was just a treat and it was a weekday.

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