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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Otis Grill

Otis Grill is a new favorite on the breakfast scale for Geo and I.  Have you been here?

This restaurant, located in the Otis Orchards area, might be a little far for you if you are not looing to take a drive, but it just a hop, skip, and a jump from the freeway if you are traveling between Spokane a Coeur de Alene, (or anywhere in-between.)  Otis Grill, located at 21902 E. Wellsley Avenue... in Otis Orchards, WA, specializes in "hometown" cooking... and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in the spring summer, autumn or winter, too.

The day we went for breakfast, there was snow on the ground.

It was indeed a beautiful biscuit and gravy, eggs and bacon... and pancake day, 
 made complete with maple syrup.
And who does not love Rosie the Riveter, Marilyn Monroe and old cars?
I did say, "hometown"... right?
It's not a fancy spot.  In fact, when you arrive, they invite you to pick your own seating, (in other words, seat yourself...) and evidently the people here feel right "at home."

 If you are wondering about the menu.... here's an idea of what is served:

 And.. if you are adventurous, like James T. Kirk, pictured here on the menu, you can order the quadruple Otis Burger.... the Otis Grill.