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Friday, February 6, 2015

Arlo's Ristorante' (Sandpoint,ID)

Ahhhhh... yes..... a little Italian restaurant on the river!  It's almost like being in Italy!  We actually boated into the place, though I really wouldn't recommend that until they fix up the back entrance and the dock.  It was a bit scarey.... and we weren't really sure how often people boated to this destination, but there was a dock and we were feeling a little adventurous I guess. 

Here is Arlo's, in Sandpoint ID...

The address is 330  N.  1st Ave,  Sandpoint, ID
(208) 255-4186

We were there during the summer months... as you can see.

We loved our company of friends that day and the river adventure too.  We sat outside and watched the world go by.  (This is not us in the p[photo above, just some patrons enjoying music on the patio.)

The outdoor music on the patio was great... a one man band!  Who would have known?  He was dynamic and talented for sure!  We didn't catch his name, but were told he played their often.  It seemed he was a street player more so than an entertainer hired by the club, but we were told he played there often.

Not the best service ever.  The timing of our bread and such was off and we had to flag the servers several times.....  but we were not there for service, just to be with friends and enjoy the mucis as we sat along the river.  

Arlo's is a place for Italian....  

 and seafood filled dishes.

 I am not a big fan of eating pasta, but I like it occasionally and the food was YUM!!!

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