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Saturday, February 27, 2010

MaryLou's Milk Bottle

 MaryLou's Milk Bottle on Garland St. is a rather welcoming place... and it was very busy when we were there.  The service was pretty quick and friendly.  It is very fun too eat here too, mostly because the building is shaped like a milk bottle.  It's also a historic spot in Spokane, but it's not unique...there are two such building that some creative person built here in our city.  Pretty cool!

A group of friends and I ended up eating lunch here due to the fact that the place next door which we were planning to eat lunch at (Ferguson's) was closed.  We were going to visit the milk bottle for ice cream but did lunch instead.  Unfortunately, I have to comment that I thought the food experience was nothing spectacular.  I wish I could say differently, but I was not impressed.  

I didn't take pictures of the food because I forgot, but in our group we ordered several items. Some  ordered hambergers, which came with fries.  These liked their meals but I noticed the fries were crispy brown.  I think they were overdone.  Two people in my group ordered gyros.  One liked it and the other didn't.

I noticed that the gyros were only edible using a fork and knife... not like a sandwich you can hold and eat at all.  (I thought  a gyro was supposed to be more like a sandwich.)

The friend who did not like her gyros made up the difference of not liking it by adding more and more sauce and ate it anyhow.   Me?  I ordered the Greek Salad which was okay... nothing special, just a plate of Romain lettuce, with vinaigrette, olives and feta cheese.. oh, and the same gyros bread my friends had only it was cut in portions and served on the side.  It seemed a lot like an open face gyros without the meat.  We were so busy talking and having fun that we didn't exchange more notes on the food than that.

With a little improvement on the food this could be a very fun place to dine. The food was "okay," I mean the hamburgers were obviously good, and that is what this place is known for... but I missed that one by having a salad and turns out that I thought it was rather mundane.  I was just glad not to have ordered the Gyro.  I guess it's good to know ahead of time what the specialty of a particular restaurant is.  Next time, I am ordering a hamburger or ice cream....   but I will be coming back because it's not every day that one gets to be inside of a milk bottle; that is, unless of course you happen to live in the fine city of Spokane!

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  1. did you know there's one downtown as well, and one of them, not sure which, but I think the downtown one, was where they filmed that movie benny and joon.