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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Star Restaurant and Lounge

While visiting here to check out Bubble Tea... (a hot item on their menu,) I gave thought to trying this little place for food.  It's a small ten (or so)  table place... kinda reminiscent of a 1970's diner, but it is Chinese food.  And while the atmosphere is lacking, the service, fair and there's  loud bar music coming from down the hall, the prices are certainly reasonable and, would you believe, the food is pretty good.  The best part of course is the tea factor.. you know... that stuff called Bubble Tea.

 We ordered Potsitckers for an appetizer,  and then Kung Pao Chicken (with noodles) which were served underneath the Kung Pao.  This was unusual to us and quite good!  We also ordered the Beef Noodle Soup.. which also was tasty as can be. It was a little different than we have had other places but we like it a lot.

As for service... our food was staggered in it's arrival to our table.  For example, the "appetizer" came not before our other foods... but they were awesome.  We began to think they lost our soup, but finally it came.  Also our server, when we asked for tea, told us she was out... because they were out of bubbles (The little tapioca things).  But I asked if they could make tea without the tapioca, knowing of course that the tapioca was not necessary for a tea... as you order it separate anyhow.... to which she said sure!  so we also ordered tea!

Fun stuff ... fun flavors...too.  Click Here for more on their teas.

 This time we ordered the House Milk Tea (again) and a Taro Smoothie. Oh my!  Let me tell you (this is for Lori) the taro tastes like Oreo Cookies and it is purple.  Is that cool?

So, if you are in the mood to eat you can try it too... and if not, just try the tea.

: )

With bubbles or not it's great!


  1. sounds delicious! we actually were going to go there last friday night, but got side tracked and by the time we realized, it was too late. Karis is going nuts wanting to try bubble tea, she has had to listen to us talk for so long now! I am glad to hear about this place, I hate going to the mall, and its much closer than the Vietnamese place.

  2. I know I am the only one posting, but I have to tell you, I tried the Avacado bubble tea, and oh my gosh was it delicious! it was at the mall, and so good! she said it was their best seller, and after trying it, I can see why, or taste why, lol you have to try it! and I am not much of an avacado fan...but decided to be daring in my old age. Jonah and curtis had a strawberry...ugh! it was imitation and horrible, we ended up abandoning was terrible...but with so many better choices..that one needs to go!!

  3. Wow! Avocado? That is wild. Wat I want to know is who would have ever thought to make an avocado flavored bubble tea? Who would have ever thought it would be good? I have yet to go to tea at the mall.

    You are adventurous! I love it! I might have to try that one and the Green Bean too. So many flavors!

    Maybe one of these days!

    So sad about the strawberry. Tell Curtis he could have tried the taro...

    What kind of tea was it? (milk tea, smoothie, slushie?) And did you have any tapioca or jelly in yours?