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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Steam Plant Grill

Have you seen this place?  Have you driven or walked past these smoke stacks as much as I have without ever thinking much about what they are for; thinking they are just some old remnant of the past that has been left behind?

Ahhhh Grasshopper, do not be deceived, beneath them is a restaurant!

This is one place you don't want to miss, simply because the atmosphere is so unique!  Once inside, you are in an old refurbished steam plant relic of a place, one that actually used to heat the downtown area of Spokane, built in 1915!

We even had dinner there...

We both had soup... Creamy chicken lentil potato, a tasty and interesting blend.

  Geo ordered a Buffalo Burger

and I, the Fish Tacos....

Our meals came with a choice of house seasoned fried or sweet potato fries.... Geo had the regular and I had the sweet potato.  Never having eaten sweet potato french fries before, this was interesting.  I ate them with ketchup, but I must admit it was a little bit weird.  The fish taco was really good   Different than most because it was not deep fried.

As for the Steam Plant... it was cool.

Here is the downstairs bar..

and some special private dining rooms.

This is the boiler room and the hole in which the coal was put into the boiler.  You can read more about this place at their website.... Steam Plant
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