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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mission Bistro

 Ah...Italian food.  If you have been reading my blog, you know I am gaining a new appreciation for Italian food restaurants.  You see, I do  appreciate good Italian food.  I 'm Italian... and I actually love Italian food and flavors... all this is to say that dining here was a real special thing.  Geo loved it.  Everything was great... even down to the to-go box!  Let me explain:

 The Mission Bistor is on Mission St... and it is part of the Cassano's Market building. 2002 E. Mission Ave. ... call for hours: (509) 954-0756.
It has taken me a while to get into this place because they are closed on Monday's and Monday has been the day I have ended up in the area and stopped by, twice now.  But tonight they were open.

What a lovely little place this is.

 They have a lovely menu... with a special "Dinner for Two" deal.  This comes with salad, bread, your selection of two entrees from the Dinner for Two menu, and a dessert to share.  Sounded good to us,  so we went with that. 

Everything was fantastic.  I especially loved my salad with the House Dressing.  Geo ordered ranch on his.

He ordered Lasagna and I ordered Chicken Catetori which was served on Rigatoni.  Both were delicious, but we forgot to take photos!

Gee.. might have to visit this place again... hmmm we probably will.

We also had coffee, which was great coffee too, by the way.  This was just regular "coffee" but it sure was good.  To go with the coffee we ordered desert.

Our lovely waitress recommended we try the bread pudding, and since Geo LOVES, I means LOVES bread pudding... ( I do not) we could not help but try it out at her recommendation.  IT is something their particular chef happens to make very well.

I loved it, but Geo loved it even more.  Delicious! 

As you can see here,, it is filled with raisins and  beautifully served  with a delicious plum sauce. and whipped cream with nuts.  I would go there just for the desserts, which include cannoli and spumoni too.

I love spumoni.  (Maybe next time.)

The serving sizes are quite generous... in fact,  overheard several people asking for take home boxes while I was there.  I do think however, it was not that they actually had been given too much food, so much as because they wanted to be certain to have room for such wonderful deserts.

I mentioned the to go box earlier...  I really appreciated this nifty little To GO box.  Not only did it seal well, but I could see what was in there, and it was just the right size.  I even had a great lunch item for the next day, one that would not get forgotten in my fridge because I could see and not forget the delicious food that was in it.

For more information on the store adjacent to this restaurant click here.

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