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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rusty Roof's (Burger and Shake Shack)

Closed but not forgotten!
A friend of mine had been telling me how great this place is for months and I drive by all the time, as I live on the north side.  For my birthday, spur of the moment, for a special treat, she took me here to eat.  This is her new favorite place in town, (she had a few) that just opened it's doors back in November. It is located on the north side of town, 101 East Hastings Road, not far from the Village Center Cinemas, and close to Mead High School. This place is fast becoming a north side favorite place to eat. ( They have moved since this posting to 1415 N Hamilton St, Spokane.)

I must say, it's a great little place.

Rusty Roof, as the name says, serves burgers shakes and fries.  The fries can be served  plain and salted or signature style, that is, served topped with garlic salt and sprinkled with fresh Parmesan cheese.  In addition, they offer things like sweet potato fries, onion rings and Jalapeno "Bottle Caps."

 As you can tell, this place has a lot to offer...... .....  but all of this is only the beginning, even their hamburger buns are something to talk about.

My sandwich was served on a whole wheat bun.  I read in the newspaper one time, that they have their breads made fresh from a nearby neighborhood bakery called Petite Chat!  If you ask me, I think that is pretty cool.  The breads there are really good, therefore so was my healthy hamburger bun.

The atmosphere here is pleasant.  One a cold spring day as it was, we were greeted by a fireplace to warm by, and there was a lot of table space.  There is even a back room area , a "party room" that can be reserved.  It seats about 48 and can be closed off for privacy. for things like large groups or parties, meetings, things like, which of course must be pre-arranged.  They even have a drive up window, but it is not open yet.  You might need to call a head and order if you just want to pick food up... the number is 360-9074 if you want to talk to someone there about that.

These people thought of nearly everything to make this neighborhood, shack-themed "rust"-ically" decorated, local hang-out a special place with a casual feeling.  It is definitely a welcoming place where people can gather as friends and enjoy the food.  It's suitable for people of all ages in here too. I know my friend frequents here from time to time when she is out with kids.

I am so glad we got to go today together.  It was fun, and I FINALLY got to give this little family owned and operated restaurant a try.

Note the handy hand sanitizing station on the wall...a fine feature, suitable for grubby hands, a relief for busy moms with active kids.  (Note also, that this feature, as insignificant as it may seem, is one point that really sold my friend that this is was a place she liked to eat.) Besides the attention to detail and to cleanliness, the folks here are friendly and helpful and the food is just what's you expect, fresh and "tasty."

( That is, if you like me, like to go on "tasty" treks!)

Being as there were several of us we ordered quite a selection.  Some had chicken and fries while others had burgers and there were all sorts of burger to choose from too.  There was even a Ruben sandwich special-of the month...which I, being new to the word or Rubens,  had my eye on for a while.  I almost ordered that, but went with chicken.  Next it will probably be the Ruben that I try.

Their special "signature " burger. is an all-beef patty with shredded pork, applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar and caramelized onions, but they have all kinds of burgers.... burgers galore!

They offer plain burgers, cooked to order of course, and they fancy some of them up like the bacon burger or the pastrami burger, but there are some spicy ones on the menu too.  They offer a chipolte burger, made with chipolte mayo and spicy pepperjack cheese, or you can have the jalapeno variety instead. For a lighter fare there is a meatless garden burger and of course the chicken...grilled or they make a chicken they call "Crazy" (if you like you chicken sandwich to be fried.).
After much deliberation,  I finally decided upon the grilled chicken sandwich from their "Healthier Selections" menu.  The rest of our clan, (except the kids who had the kids sized meal of chicken strips with two pieces of chicken and fries,) ordered burgers.... and of course the irresistible fries.  But even on the alternative menu, everything sounded yummy.  It was hard to choose between  the chicken, a salad, that appeared to have a nice mixture of spinach and lettuces, or meatless garden burger.  I liked my sandwich.(pictured here.-->)

 When our food was brought to our table by the server, everything was very fresh-looking and delicious, did I mention the French fries with that garlic and grated cheese?  These were a special treat to eat as well.

Another special feature (there are a few,) of this place is that they have a "mini-doughnut factory."  (You can see it here --->
just behind the condiment stand.)

They make doughnuts (of a minuscule size) just for you,...if you order them.   It takes a few moments for the machinery to heat up the oil, but it is a mini doughnut factory, which I thought, was quite unique.  These doughnuts are, (as you would expect,) fried in oil... a little high on the calorie counters scale, but it's fun to have fresh doughnuts made right there, just for you...

especially on your birthday.

You get about 20 mini doughnuts made for you for 3.99.  We shared them, and we ate them dipped in huckleberry dipping sauce.

 The kids loved watching them make these... it was like a miniature field trip!  Kinda like eating giant cheerios.

But wait.... there's more:

 The next thing to try is  frozen yogurt, served in a cone or in a cup... for which you can get toppings.  They make their shakes and floats with this soft-serve vanilla yogurt, but the highlight is their signature frozen custard treat.

It''s not  ice, it's oh so much more yummy and delicious, definably a specialty!  I sampled the lemon pie custard coldness myself.  (Pictured on the back left here.  YUM!  I will definitely have to come back another day and try some more!

They make the custard fresh here too... daily and in a variety of colors and flavors, including chocolate fudge, huckleberry cheesecake, pumpkin, banana caramel and lemon pie.  There are about a dozen varieties to choose from.  This is, I believe, Spokane's first "frozen custard" creating restaurant.
There is so much to be found right here, all under one, (not so) rusty.. "RUSTY ROOF." 

It make me happy that Spokane has another great little "mom and pop," type of restaurant.  I like that it is family-friendly, no "toyed kids meal" oriented, burgers and fries kinda place, and yet it feels so full of variety, even a bit sophisticated in it's atmosphere and presentation.  I do not know about you, but even with the unusual name, I like it. When I am out-and-about the town, with or without kids, especially if in the mood for a sit down burger and some fries, I will definitely find a reason, be it lunch, dessert or even dinner... to come back to this little  "burger and shake shack " for more.

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  1. Looks yummy and kid-friendly! We'll put it on our list of places to try!

    Have you tried Greek Street on Indian Trail yet? It's in the Yoke's shopping center. Delicious, authentic Greek food and seriously the best pizza I've had in 12 years in Spokane. It's definitely worth a visit!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I can hardly wait to try it.

  3. Ooh. Thanks posting this review. On some weekends, a friend and I are trying to find Spokane's best burgers. The Inlander reviews are a fun popularity contest, but does anyone really believe Spokane can't do any better than a national chain whose signature is American kitsch?

  4. You are welcome! Let us know how you like the frozen custard. I have to make a trek back and try it myself. Sounds like a great idea, I can hardly wait for warmer weather to have a good excuse. That custard will probably be a great summertime treat.

  5. Thanks so much. We're new to the area and just heard about this place, but we wanted to know more. This review (and photos) answered all our questions. Thanks so much. We'll definitely have to try this Rusty Roof out (and add the blog to my regular reads). Thanks.