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Monday, July 11, 2011

Costco Food Court

Here's a hot dog with mustard, ketchup, relish and onions!
OK..  So, it was the Fourth of July and Geo and I were in Nevada, and for some strange reason, we had the inspirational idea of eating a hot dog with mustard.  Geo kept talking about it, joking with me since I really do not like them but was inspired at the people eating hot dogs at an event we were at.and being as it was the Forth of July, it was a bit nostalgic.  I am not sure why, but it was one of those occasions when a hot dog just sounded good.

I probably would have eaten a hot dog sooner with the people who were around me, except that I was deterred from it by the highway robbery prices for a hot dog posted clearly on the event concession menu. Seriously...the vendors were asking $5.00... and this for a simple hot dog on a bun!  If you wanted a bottle of water to go with that, they charged another 4 bucks!

It was just too much to pay, in my opinion.

So, needless to say,  while we watched people eating hot dogs, we dreamed of going sometime during our visit, somewhere else besides the concession stand for food,  and eating hotdogs of our own- ones that didn't cost quite so much.

Now, I will ad d this information; and that is that we had the pleasure of visiting several local restaurants over the course of a week in Reno.  Nice places, all of them, but none of which I plan to blog.  But for some reason, some crazy reason, (I am not sure what it is,) I am blogging about our experience of eating a hot dog at Costco, (which by the way, was great!)

It was not so easy though.  First we had to get to Costco which was difficult because, as you probably guessed, there were lots of food options in the city we were staying.  Let's just call those times of going out somewhere and not having a hot dogs,  "near misses."  I mean,  Thai and Chinese, even a buffet won out over hot dogs on several of our dining-out excursions.  One day, however, we passed a Costco store in our travels and we both knew that this would finally be it.  SEriously, where else can you actually get a hot dog... and a pop for $1.50?

What a deal!  We had a lunch date that cost us $3.24,  (or so) and it was a perfect lunch.

What a way to celebrate the 4th!
And.... as an added bonus, we had our dogs with kraut!  (at no extra charge!)  And you know what... Costco stores,  even state to state, are all basically the same.  We almost felt like we we back in good ol Spokane!

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